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Why Choose Us

What sets us apart?

Picking the right office near Boca Raton for your family and children is an incredibly important decision. Besides for wanting to come out with your dream smile, you also want to feel excited about going to your appointments. You should feel happier and be in a better mood after leaving each appointment. At Goldenberg Orthodontics that is our goal and one we take pride in achieving. Here is how we make sure we can guarantee patient satisfaction:

Excellence in Treatment

The most important part of orthodontic treatment is the ability of the doctor to produce the results that you are looking to achieve. Dr. Goldenberg went through 30 months of training to receive his orthodontic certificate and received his Masters in Dentistry at the same time. Once completed, he was not satisfied with stopping there. He went on to take the Board Certification exam which elite orthodontists strive to achieve to show their mastery over moving teeth. In order to make sure that his Invisalign treatment was as efficient as possible he also joined the Invisalign Fellowship to continue striving for excellence.

Flexible Hours for Busy Parents and Professionals

We understand how hard it could be to make dental appointment and therefore make our best effort to fit you in at your convenience.
We are the only orthodontic office in Boca Raton that is OPEN ON SUNDAYS. We also offer after school appointments so that you don’t have to go out of your way to stop in.

State of the Art Facility

Our office uses advanced digital x-rays to lower the radiation dose and produce more accurate images. We’re also able to send over all of images to your personal dentist to limit how many times you need to take x-rays.

Itero Scanning

NO GOOP! While you may remember the old days of gaggy impressions, those days are long gone. We start off all treatment by taking a digital scan of your mouth which gives us an incredibly accurate representation of your mouth without having to use the old school impression material. Read more about our Itero Scanning technology.

One Orthodontist One Location

Expect to see Dr. G at every visit and he will be the only doctor you see! That means you’ll get the attention you deserve with every single visit.

Family Friendly and Fun

You will come out of every appointment in a better mood after spending some time with Dr. G and the staff. We are always ready for the day and always excited to hear about our patient’s day.

You can also elect to have a dance off with Dr. G and if you are victorious, you’ll get a special gift.

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